Family Retreat

2018 Family Retreat flyer is available HERE!

Dates: February 16 – 18, 2018

Ages: The Whole Family

Directors: Jens & Molly Braaten

Speaker:  TBD

This is a retreat that the whole entire family can attend! There is no minimum or maximum age. The messages, activities, and atmosphere are geared towards everyone in the family, so don’t worry, there is something for everyone in the family to do. So feel free to bring up the whole family and take advantage of the opportunity to meet and fellowship with other families while enjoying some winter fun and relaxation!

$70 each for the first 2 campers age 12 and up if registered by 2/9/18
$15 for each person after that age 5 and up
Children under 5 are free
The cost for the first two campers age 12 and up is $80 each if registered after 2/9/18.

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