2017 Girls Campers have been here about 24 hours now and we are so excited to have them! The first 5 gospel presentations have been given in wrap ups, devotions, quiet times, chapel and Bible study….and even an amazing skit performed by Jeff Hage and his crew of boys. We are super excited for Iroquoina Spirit week and there is more cheering than you could imagine…oh maybe you can…it's girls camp after all! We started activity periods this morning and we have had beautiful weather for hiking, swimming, canoeing, archery, woodsmanship and more! They have gotten their secret sisters already and I have seen flowers and balloons and more being exchanged! Pray for Alice, Eleanor and Mr VanDuzer as they are daily meeting with the kids for Bible Study! They know Jesus! And while SKIT DAY is a blast (more skits coming tonight!) we know the real reason behind camp is for these ladies (and us all) to know Jesus!