It's mid-week of Girls Camp 2. Here's some shots to show you the awesome things that are taking place. Also below is a report from Tuesday, courtesy of Meg Bull: Day ummm…whatever the next one is: (Tuesday, I think=)…busy day here in the Endless Mountains. Started off with pouring rain, but I don't think it bothered much at all. Quiet Times focused on Psalm 46 about how the LORD is with us! Bible Study lessons were again about faith..Jesus and Peter walking on water and the sick being brought to Jesus for healing. It rained first activity period, but the rest of the day seemed fine. Archery played Pictionary, Woodsmanship made survival bracelets, Mission Possible tried to stand on a box, Duct Tape made duct tape bags, Swimming was all about swimming and Crafts continued with pots and string bracelets and I am sure there is more! The kids are memorizing an amazing amount of verses and often I see groups saying them together before meals or individuals pacing as they learn. It is very encouraging! Evening activity was Razzleblast! I didn't get to see the Beavers Play but the older cabins and JCITs had a great time! Razzleblast is an interesting combination of soccer and rugby and of course it involves dressing up as you will see from the newly posted pictures. I also got the pictures from the JCIT trip up for you to enjoy.

It's hard to believe, but four weeks have past in our Summer Camp season with a full and amazing week of Soccer Camp coming to an end on Saturday. Monday starts Upward Soccer camp, a rental day soccer camp for the surrounding community run by the local Montrose E-free church. It too is going to be a full week. Continue to praise and pray to the Lord for the gospel to reach the many ears, hearts and minds who will continue to come up!